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Dr. Nina Wilson
Menopause Specialist
in Sussex and Online

If hormones are holding you back or if you want to know how to prepare for the future, we can help.

One Woman Health Menopause clinic in Sussex and online

Dr. Nina Wilson
Menopause Care
in Sussex and Online

If hormones are holding you back or if you want to know how to prepare for the future, we can help.


Patient Testimonials

  • Such a positive experience!

    My session was Nina was incredible, she was an absolute breath of fresh air after my limited contact with my GP regarding my menopause. Her approach was very personable, thorough and reassuring. Nina took a much more holistic approach looking at all elements of my health and my life to see if these were/are contributing factors to my menopausal symptoms and to see how things could be improved.
    She even made talking about the most intimate of issues easy, and despite being relatively shy I wasn’t embarrassed due to her understanding demeanour. I would 100% recommend booking a session with Nina to help you navigate your way through this potentially debilitating time of life. I felt heard, reassured and it was a thoroughly positive and empowering experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you, Nina.

  • Great service and support

    I cannot thank Nina enough for helping me. I had been to see several physicians and had felt ignored and fobbed off. Nina listened and understood everything. I felt completely at ease. She explained everything perfectly and gave me options and possibly more importantly, the support i needed to help me feel like i’m not mad after all. I highly recommend the On Woman Health clinic to all women who are experiencing menopausal problems. Although its only been a few weeks, i already feel so much better.

  • Best investment for my own health (and sanity!)

    Paying privately to see Dr Nina to discuss my menopause was worth every penny without a doubt. Having been fobbed off by the GP receptionist who refused to even book me an appointment to discuss menopause as I am apparantly “too young” (42), I found One Woman online. I had a full hours consultation which included a detailed history and discussion of symptoms and possible causes. Bloods were also arranged via my GP, and I started HRT on prescription from Dr Nina. I’m mighty glad I did as my bloods showed how much I needed those hormones! I am now 3 months in to treatment and have just had my review, and will be staying with Dr Nina to review my symptoms and management as and when needed. Nina gives me proper time and explanation and knows the menopause inside out, she is worth every penny.

  • I wanted to express my gratitude at having found such a compassionate, caring and professional doctor in Dr. Wilson; she has helped me through my issues with the menopause and has made a difficult time so much easier to handle.

  • … I can honestly say I have never felt so heard or well informed as I did by the end of our session. I would recommend Dr Wilson without hesitation to any woman at this unsettling time of life. 

  • I am really pleased that I have spoken with Dr Wilson. She has so much knowledge about the menopause and women’s hormones. She also knows a lot about lots of other medications for my other health issues as well, of which I have quite a few. So I feel very safe with her diagnosis and medication advice.

  • Having quality time to really talk through my symptoms without feeling rushed was worth every penny. Nina has empathy and knowledge in the bucket loads. She is super easy to talk to – even in a remote setting and talking through some really personal things. Her follow up care was so thorough. Recommend her without hesitation.

  • Life Changing

    I highly recommend Dr Nina Wilson for anyone seeking advice and support for the management of peri menopausal or menopausal symptoms.

    I tried unsuccessfully to self manage my debilitating symptoms for over seven years before I finally sought help. I only wish I’d done this sooner.

    Dr Wilson is wholly invested in the well-being of women and this is evident during the consultation and subsequent follow up appointments.

    The HRT I have been prescribed has been truly life changing. Pre treatment I barely recognised myself and now I am thriving.

    Thank you Dr Wilson.

  • I can highly recommend Dr Nina Wilson

    After getting nowhere with my GP, I turned in desperation to the internet and found Dr Nina. After a thorough consultation, she prescribed HRT for me. She was reassuring, comprehensive and very clear in going through the pros and cons of HRT. I felt she had time for me and did not rush me at all. What a revelation! I had no idea how bad I felt until I didn’t feel that way anymore. She also advised me how to continue getting my prescription on the NHS from my GP. Any initial consultation is always followed up with telephone conversations to see if all is well. I wish I had taken the plunge and contacted Dr Wilson earlier. Thank you for giving me my life back!

How we can help


See a GP menopause specialist for advice and treatment including HRT. Feel better and take control.


We’re based in Sussex. Contact us to arrange a face to face consultation at Goring Hall Hospital, or simply book online from anywhere in the UK for a video appointment. 



Tailor made women’s health packages to help you recruit and retain your most valuable female employees. If you’re the boss, we can support you too!

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Welcome to One Woman Health

80% of women will experience menopausal symptoms

Symptoms of the menopause coincide with what can be one of the most productive and fulfilling times of a woman’s life. We’re reaching a peak in our skills, knowledge and experience. But for many women, the hormonal changes that accompany this time can cause symptoms that range from inconvenient to overwhelming. They intrude on the most fundamental parts of wellbeing – sleep, mood, comfort in our own skin.

The average duration of symptoms is 7 years

Every woman will go through the menopause, yet many struggle to recognise their own or access the help they need. Not everyone gets the hallmark hot flush and changes can begin 10-15 years before periods finally stop. This is the perimenopause. You may notice shorter cycles, mood changes or worsening PMS, but it can be confusing and many women are left wondering: Is it stress? Is it my hormones? Am I ill?

Women may be misdiagnosed with depression or stress

Not all, but many women report experiences with standard healthcare that has sadly left them feeling rushed, dismissed or misinformed. Messages to the medical profession about hormone replacement therapy have been incorrect for years and absent funding for menopause care has led to huge gaps in provision. This has denied many women the benefits that HRT and other treatments could bring them, not just in terms of their wellbeing but also their long term health. Thankfully, this is changing.

How We Can Help You

Menopausal hormone therapy has been shown to improve long term health as well as improve symptoms

If you’re struggling, or even if you want to prepare yourself for the road ahead, we’re here for you. Our philosophy is simple: excellent menopause and perimenopause care informed by the latest evidence from specialist GPs who get to know you personally. We work with regulated medicines and body-identical hormones so you can be confident you’re receiving safe, effective treatment.

Menopause isn’t illness, it’s a transition over years, and one that can open new doors. Symptoms change and new issues crop up. Your needs will change too. With us, you’ll see the same person so you won’t have to start again each time and can build a trusted partnership. It’s our goal to provide a consistent, supportive presence that you can call on as we journey through midlife.

A fairer world for women

A crucial part of our mission is to support women’s success in the wider world. We believe in levelling the playing field for women through health. 1 million women a year are lost to the workforce due to menopause. That’s not just a tragedy for the individuals, it’s an enormous loss to society. These are women who have been contributing for decades, at the top of their game. We know opportunities to take on new challenges and step into senior roles frequently occur at this time. By supporting women to feel their best we look forward to the fairer representation of women across the board, leading the way among the decision makers and power-brokers for a more equal future.

Take control of your midlife journey with us

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